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With consumers' demand for value and high-quality Clean Label Gourmet Foods delivers the ultimate solutions to both retailers and consumers while offering a chef-crated taste. With our special Steam-O-Purge technique and high-quality proteins, we offer the consumer a tastier, higher-quality meal in under 5 minutes. HPP (High-Pressure Processing) provides the retailer with extended shelf life with zero to very little shrinkage and has a positive effect on our environment.

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What is Fusha?

  • F: Family Inspired Recipes
  • U: Umami Centric
  • S: Sustainability via HPP
  • H: Healthy Choices
  • A: Artesian

We care about what goes in our food... and so should you.

We're in the business of making delicious, nutritious, premium small-batch foods and beverages. We never add preservatives or any unnatural ingredients to our products.

Hi, We're Fusha.


We believe in making real food, real again. This means we pride ourselves on not only the sourcing of our ingredients but also the development of our recipes. We strive to bring you healthy recipes from around the world that balance flavor with nutritional benefits. Our products have no preservatives or any other unnatural ingredients. Our delicious meals are packed with flavor, are mostly low in saturated fat, are low calorie, and are an excellent source of protein.

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A plate of food with the words " fresh seafood ".

What Makes Us Different?

  • Restaurant Quality with CLEAN ingredients
  • Preservative Free
  • Nutrition-Focused
  • Skin Packaged for the Highest Quality
  • HPP for the best food safety & extended shelf-life (45-day shelf-life in the fridge)!
  • Steam-O-Purge - Our proprietary heating method that maintains freshness & enhances flavors!
  • Larger Portions
  • Entrees ready in 4-5 minutes
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Crafted in our own production factory


Ready to Eat In 4 Mins, Lasts Up To 35 Days In The Fridge!

Fusha Foods prides itself on bringing our consumer's unique flavors that give your taste buds a world tour or just bring you back home! Our Shrimp Siciliano is reminiscent of Italy, our Stir-Fry Shrimp utilizes Asian influences, our Thai Salmon takes you to Thailand, and our Tex Mex and Blackened Salmon are reminiscent of hearty home-cooked meals.

Afraid to cook seafood on your own? Don’t worry; we have your back. All our meals utilize steamOpurge technology to perfectly steam cook our meals in the microwave, which retains the moisture and rich flavor of our seafood.

Mezes, Dips, & Spreads

Delicious Mediterranean-Style Dip & Spreads

Our mezes are especially unique. These products take inspiration from all around the Middle East. They were an important part of our founder's family culture in Egypt. There, flavors are constantly evolving and enriched by cross-cultural influences. These are authentic family recipes that you can now try in your own home! Our mezes are not just a product; they are a piece of humanity.

Did You Know?

Reducing Food waste diminishes human- caused greenhouse emissions, reduces water and energy consumption, lowers our oil consumption, and saves money.

One trillion pounds a year of food are lost every year due to shelf life expiration. If you ask us, that’s too much, and it's time we fight back! We take to heart that you must be the change you want to see in this world.

Find out how we’re fighting against food waste one tomato at a time via high-pressure processing (HPP) below.

Partnering With Local Farmers

We’re collaborating with local farmers to use their excess local crops in our seasonal items in order to help sustainability, allow the soil to rest, contribute to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and help farmers reduce their own food waste.