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Frequently Asked questions

Got any questions? We have the answers.

How long is the product's shelf life?
Our products are the cleanest label on the market today. We do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients; however, we use the most impressive and latest clean label technology know to man. We skin pack our meals, eliminating all oxygen.

Basically, oxygen can cause food spoilage in several ways. It can provide conditions that will enhance the growth of microorganisms; it can cause damage to foods with the help of enzymes; and it can cause oxidation.

Microorganisms can often be found growing on the surface of foods when air is present. We also use HPP (High Pressure Cold Pasteurization). High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a pasteurization method that uses pressure rather than the traditional method of heat to kill microorganisms in foods.

It also helps with the safety of foods by killing vegetative pathogenic microorganisms including Escherichia coli O157:H7, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. These technologies allow us to create the healthiest, cleanest label products with no degradation in flavor, color, nutritional values with an extended shelf life for up to 45 days at 36°F and heated to 165°F internally before consuming. HPP technology is very expensive and extremely complicated, Fusia Foods is the sole manufacturer of HPP’d meals in the Mid-Atlantic. Unlike other meal companies, their products can start deteriorating withing hours and that is why they only offer 5=4 to 5 days shelf life. You and your family’s safety are our number one priority, and the perfect taste and nutritional is our second and equally as important priority.
Do your products really last for 45 days?! Even the seafood meals?
You better believe it! High pressure processing has been backed and supported by tons of professional research and labs. In order to ensure this, our own facility has conducted several of our own validation studies by accredited research institutes and universities such as Cornell.

These studies have verified the incredible impact of HPP and validate the safety of our products to the very last day of consumption. We have also executed shelf life studies by an accredited lab for all of our products to further verify the authenticity of our incredible shelf life.
Do you sell directly to consumers?
Currently, Fusha’s meals and products are sold exclusively at our retail partners. By focusing on supplying in retail locations alone we eliminate the need for our consumers to purchase our product via a subscription or delivery fee. By servicing retail locations alone, we also get rid of the need to use additional packaging and thereby help prevent and limit our waste factor and environmental impact.

We are developing an innovative solution to direct consumer delivery and hope to be servicing consumers at the convenience of their homes within the next year!
How do I find out more about carrying Fusa’s products in my store?
If you or your company is interested in selling any of our wonderful products we would be happy to fulfill your needs. Please reach out to and we will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner!
Where can I buy Fusha products?
Visit our “Where to buy” page to learn which retailers carry our products. Everyday the list grows so don’t be afraid to check back in! If we don’t currently serve your community, send us an email at and we will make sure to review your request.

We also happily serve our products at our local farmers market every Saturday and Sunday. If you are interested in visiting us or finding out more please visit the site to check locations and times!
How do you ensure food safety?
Fusha’s production facility is SQF level 2-certified. The “Safe Quality Food” certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe food production environment and operational excellence in food safety management. On our most recent announced audit we received a perfect score! This level of care is endorsed in all aspects of our business and is why we take such great pride in our operations, food safety, ingredients, recipes, and end products.
What other certifications does your production facility have?
In addition to being SQF level 2-certified, we also have the following certifications: GFSI, HACCP, Seafood HACCP, PCQI compliant, FDA registered, USDA, Non-GMO Project verified, Preventive Control Program and COMAR 117 compliant, Homeland Security compliant, and Food Defense Program compliant.
Will the plastic seal damage the food quality when heated?
Heck no! Our seal protects the integrity of our meal even after cooking. No plastic or other contaminants from our packaging damage our food quality or taste during the cooking process. Rest assured, we want nothing to come between you and the uniquely delicious flavors of our meals.
Where can I follow Fusha Foods?
If you would like to follow us along our journey we encourage you to check out our Instagram account @fushafoods! We are currently expanding our social media presence so be on the lookout for more accounts soon!